The Future of Ottawa is Bright


Now, perhaps more than ever before in its history, Ottawa is blossoming in its role as Canada’s capital city. Innovative projects, government investments, economic pursuits and exciting real estate developments have contributed to transforming Ottawa
into a dynamic place to call home.

In Mayor Jim Watson’s 2015 State of the City address, he characterized
Ottawa’s current climate as one of “momentum”. Of course, the word momentum can take on a very literal sense when looking at major city projects such as Light Rail Transit (LRT), slated for inauguration in 2018.

But, even greater than this kind of mobilization, has been the rallying of
city spirit. The reinvention of Lansdowne Park has been pivotal in
breathing new life into the city centre. With the addition of the Ottawa
RedBlacks and Ottawa Fury to our professional sports roster, Ottawans now
have reason to cheer year-round.

Key event spaces that celebrate the city’s artistic landscape—like the
National Arts Centre and the Arts Court—are also undergoing significant
renovations, entwining contemporary additions with buildings rich in

In many ways, it’s in that unique dichotomy that Ottawa has found its stride.

Having long been divided from east to west, downtown core to southbound
suburb, recent years have seen select neighbourhoods take on their own
distinct personality, creating vibrant pockets within the city’s
traditional boundaries.

Be it Westboro or Hintonburg, The Glebe or The Golden Triangle, it’s
almost impossible to keep tabs on newly opened restaurants and boutiques.

However, as Ottawa starts to put itself on the map in terms of culinary
clout, we must remember that the practice of “farm-to-table” isn’t simply
trendy in the 613. With more rural space than any other city in Canada,
and 1,200 farms supplying goods to the ByWard Market and the city’s many
farmers’ markets, supporting local is more than just a mantra.

Maybe that’s what happens when nearly half of the population is under the
age of 35, a city becomes hip—sometimes slowly, quietly—without even
realizing it.

And ok, we’re still the seventh coldest capital city in the world …
nobody’s perfect.

But, the city that fun forgot?

Not my Ottawa. Not a chance.

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The Future of Ottawa is Bright